Five Points Yoga


An online yoga course to help you commit to a home practice.

Upcoming Yoga Odysseys:

January 9 – February 5, 2011

The Yoga Odyssey helps you to commit to a daily yoga practice, and also learn how to practice on your own at home. After one month of regular practice, you will have created a “yoga habit”!

You’ll receive the following with the Yoga Odyssey:

  • camel21Daily inspirational email to keep you energized and committed to your practice!
  • Weekly podcast an audio track for the weekly sequence.
  • Weekly sequence Every Sunday of the Yoga Odyssey you will receive a PDF sequence of pictures of a 20-40 minute long practice.
  • Online bulletin board chat with other participants of the Yoga Odyssey. I will be on the bulletin board a few times a week as well.
  • Recommended books, DVDs, and music that may help you in your practice, as well as other online resources. I also encourage you to go to class one or more times a week as part of your commitment to daily yoga!

To see what you get in a Yoga Odyssey, check out some samples. If you still have some questions, check out the FAQ.

“The best thing is that I learned how to improvise and craft a practice outside of yoga class. And by practice, I mean everything from a physical practice on a mat to deep breathing and appreciation at meal time to grappling with the ease/stamina balance in everything.” – Odyssey participant, Jan09

Be inspired by your own practice! The commitment is to simply have some yoga time every day for a month. Over 40% of our current Yoga Odyssey registrants have participated in previous Yoga Odysseys!

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