Ok, I’m officially LOVING putting the list of new mamas and babies together every month!  It’s been a busy August as you can see!  Enjoy :)

Whitney H., a 3-time mama from o2 Yoga, had baby girl Frances on August 6.   Baby Frances surprised everyone by deciding not to wait until the hospital!  Whitney gave birth on her bed, with her doula (who is her sister) and husband there to catch the baby.  An all-female EMT crew showed up to make sure everyone was healthy (gotta love Cambridge!).    Whitney has been in class for her 3 pregnancies over the last 6 years, and she wrote me: “Thank you Barrett for providing a calm and focus on many Sunday nights during my pregnancies.  I feel fortunate to have learned from you.”

Frances with big sister

Marguerite R. from Healthworks had baby girl Maeve on August 10.   She was 8lbs. 1 oz, and Marguerite noted that her daughter came on their wedding anniversary.  Aww!

Marguerite and Maeve

Emily P. from Healthworks had baby boy Luke on August 11.   He was 8lbs. 10oz, and Emily said that the doctors “told me it was going to take about 3 hours for me to push him out, but once I started going, they were caught off guard… I don’t think they were ready for my yoga pushing strength!”   He came out in 20 minutes!

Emily and Luke

Kirsten H., from O2 Yoga, had baby boy Finnianon August 19.   Baby Finn stayed persistently breech, and mama Kirsten writes: “I used your prenatal podcasts twice a week throughout pregnancy to keep me in shape and well-stretched.  Breathing and staying focused and calm was very important during the start of labor and actually during the operation since I was so anxious about surgery. Thanks again for all of the excellent recommendations on breathing and strengthening poses.”


Lisa M., from Black Lotus and The Breathing Room, had baby boy Philip, on August 27.   He was 7lbs, 4oz.

Lisa and Philip

Sulini H., from Black Lotus and The Breathing Room, had baby girl Aisha, on August 28.   She was 7lbs, 4oz.    Sulini is convinced that all those years of yoga practice made for a relaxed labour, and a seriously chilled out baby.

Sulini, Aisha, and furry friend


Mishayla S., from Black Lotus and the Breathing Room, had baby boy Thierry on August 29.   He was 7lbs.14oz. with a thick head of hair!