Well, there’s some big news this way!

I’ve been very lucky to have long-time classes around the city in these last 13 years.  When I find a place I like to work in, I hunker down and build my classes.   For example, I’ve been teaching my O2 prenatal yoga class on Sunday nights for almost 10 years!

But things end.   Two weekends ago, Black Lotus yoga studio in Cambridgeport had such a massive flood that they have closed permanently.   It’s been devastating for our community.   I have taught 3-4 classes there weekly since 2007, which represents about ¼ of all my classes!   And currently all of my public vinyasa classes.  So…. It’s been hard for me personally too.

But with all endings come beginnings.   I just sent out my August newsletter, which had this quote in it:

“Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.”   Rainer Maria Rilke

Though I don’t know where my new beginnings will be, I know they will happen.   I am in the NOT knowing, or question part of the journey right now, which I admit is difficult.

I have faith that one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay in one place for so long is because I take my time to make the right decision for myself and for my students.   So, bear with me please, as I figure it all out!


Love and light,