Two weeks ago, a private student and I made a pact:   instead of going right to our computers when we get home, we’d go right to our yoga mats.   Even if it was just for a minute or two, we were both interested in breaking the habit of getting sucked into our online world as soon as we walk in the door.  


The first week I wasn’t so good at this.  It was a busy and hard week, and that’s always a challenging environment to try to make a change in.    This week has been better though, and I’ve found myself going to the mat more often than the computer.   It’s been great! 


My favorite things on the mat?   Well, it depends.   Sometimes I do a sun salute.   Sometimes I sit down and do a forward bend (very calming for me).   And sometimes I lie over a block or curl myself up over the bolster.  Heavenly!   I feel much more in control and present than when I check out whatever’s going on in my email.  


Try the experiment  – get right on your mat when you get home, and circumvent your usual pattern, whether it’s turning on the TV, going to the fridge, or logging on.  See how it works for you, and let us know!


Enjoy your practice,