‘Finding time to practice is part of the practice.” – unknown source from Twitter!

Paradoxically, it’s often when we’re so busy we feel we can’t squeeze another thing in, that we need yoga the most.  I’m in that space now in my life where some big projects are steaming ahead, and I *need* to be on the mat to help me get through it all in a healthy way.    Two weeks ago, I really needed yoga, but my mat remained rolled up tight.  It was a hard week and I’ll just say it:  I was miserable.  Last week was really busy too, but I prioritized yoga practice and you know what?   I could tell!  Everything flowed a bit more smoothly.

It’s hard to take care of yourself when you most need it, so here’s some ideas for getting a little yoga into your day and week.

a)     Set a timer and do 10 minutes on your mat!  Everyone has 10 minutes at some point in the next 24 hours! This is a great segue between parts of a big project.   It’s great to do when you first get up in the morning, or when you’re just getting home in the evening.   Put a favorite song on – commit to just being present during that song.  You don’t even need to move much.    Consider taking the Yoga Odyssey in January for more encouragement on doing a home practice!

b)      Look at your calendar and schedule a yoga class before your next 10 days get away from you.   Have your partner or close friend/family member help you stick to it.  For your sake and theirs you need yoga!

c) The library and Netflix have a great assortment of yoga videos that give you some direction.  When I get a Netflix workout video I try to return it within a week – that means I have to schedule exercising to the video in that amount of time!!

d) If you’re working on a big project over the course of several months (I’m designing a teacher training for example), reward yourself when you reach milestones in the project.   Book a massage, a weekend getaway, a hike in a beautiful and quiet place, a soak in the tub – positive energy rewards that keep you healthy!

Big projects are daunting when you’re at the beginning, but yoga helps us remember all we really need to worry about now is taking the next step forward.   If we keep doing that, we will eventually get there!!    If you get on your mat regularly, each little step will be easier, and you’ll hit your stride in no time and make a lot of progress!

Enjoy the journey,