Don’t you love when you get a great email?   Well, I’m so lucky because at least once a week, I get a birth announcement from one of my prenatal students!  I thought I could start sharing them with you monthly!  Prenatal students, when you have your baby, email me and I’ll include you on the blog for all your friends from class to see.





Elena W. from Black Lotus had her baby girl Sienna on July 13.  Sienna was 9lbs. 2oz and 22” tall.

Lisa K. from Black Lotus had her baby girl Charlotte on July 14.   She was 8.2 pounds, and Lisa says that prenatal yoga really helped prepare her for a natural childbirth.

Lisa K. and Charlotte


Cedar P., a well-loved Healthworks teacher, had baby boy Axel on July 18.   He was 8.5 pounds and Cedar says: “It was an awesome birth – no drugs, just breathing, good positions and good mantras – and the huge benefit of being a second birth.”

Baby Boy Axel

Jenny M. from Black Lotus classes had baby girl Cecilia on July 20.   Jenny writes:   “We didn’t make it to the couples class you were teaching the other weekend, because the night following the afternoon I ran into you I went into labor.  I bet it was your fist bump that helped get things going!  My water broke on the very walk I was taking when I saw you.”  

I love when I see mamas that are on the edge of labor – it’s awesome 🙂

Jenny M. and Cecilia


Let me know what you think of this monthly posting!  It takes a little work to get it together, but I have a feeling you all will love it!

Have a fabulous day,