Keep It Simple Sweetie!

We laughed a lot getting ready for our first foray into backpacking – boy, for going back to nature, you sure do need a lot of expensive stuff!

It was so interesting for me to literally carry my world on my back for 4 days. It made me realize that we really don’t need much. I could have used more yoga, and a better place to do it than in the dirt and rocks, but otherwise, I was ok.

When we got to Moab, it was heavenly to take a shower and to sleep on a bed (my old back injury was starting to get a little cranky), things that day by day, I definitely take for granted.

But there were some things I absolutely didn’t miss – my email and cellphone!!!

I don’t think I’ve gone so long without checking either one since the advent of their existence! I’ve always been someone who, even on vacation, will stop by the local internet café, if it’s convenient, and check in on my life for a few minutes. I felt like these ways to communicate kept me in touch with my regular life, even if I was on vacation from it.

Well, there was no internet café in Canyonlands National Park, and surprisingly, even when I got to Moab, ensconced in a beautiful little cottage, I had no desire to turn on the computer or check my voicemail. I think being stripped down to just the most basic things (water, some food, a few articles of clothing, and some shelter) made me understand just how unnecessary being in constant contact is.

Now that I’m back, I can’t hide from them, and interestingly, I find I don’t want to. I had a respite, and now I’m back to managing the information flow. I think I’m doing better than usual, not getting overwhelmed at the 250 emails I had awaiting me. I’m doing only what is necessary, and letting go of the extraneous. AND, making sure to step outside on these beautiful days and enjoy the sunshine!

So, Keep It Simple! That’s what I’m talking about right now. It’s been present in my yoga practice too. Just doing the basics that I know put me into a good space. It’s been a really lovely transition back.




About to head out – last sign of “amenities” like an air conditioned car

We headed off for a 14-mile hike after sleeping in til 10am – mistake! We had to hoof it to get back before dark.

On the way, there were some crazy parts as we moved in and out of canyons

Very happy to be done and back to our tent home. Ready for some pasta and then bed!