I’ve missed writing on the blog!  In the last 2 weeks, I devoted a lot of energy to running a 5K race.   Historically, I am not a runner, but as of this weekend, I am!   Here’s me finishing – a little sweaty and tired but happy to finish in 30:45!



It’s interesting to reflect on my yoga practice in light of this running project I’ve had going on for the past 3 months.  Really, for the past 6 months, my yoga practice has been pretty gentle overall.    First, I had an overstretched hamstring muscle at the top of my thigh.    I believe it was from demonstrating too much in classes, and the muscle got tweaked.    You know, I’m not really *doing* yoga when I demo a posture.   It’s more like I’m *mimicking* a posture, and the mindfulness is not there on the posture.  I’m trying not to do that anymore, and  happily, my hamstring is all better!


I think running, which is a tremendous hamstring strengthener, has helped fortify all the yoga rehab work I did on my hamstring.   Since beginning to run regularly 3 months ago, I’ve worked on straddling the line between not over stretching the hamstring (the original problem) and not under stretching and getting really stiff legs.   What’s worked for me thus far is to run every other day, and on the off days, do a long, mostly gentle yoga practice.   Gentle practice can still be pretty intense, but I’m not working on any postures that are at my edge.  I still plan to post a “routine” of sorts that I like to do after running.  Stay tuned!


This week, I’m really enjoying not having a “goal.”  It turns out I was a little anxious about whether I’d be “successful” in the race and be able to run the whole way.   Now that I know I can do it, my only “goal” is to really enjoy the mix of running and yoga that is currently in my life.   Oh – and to add some outdoor swimming in there as soon as it’s warm enough!