I sent this out to my business class yogis recently, and thought you’d all benefit from it too.   Scroll all the way down for a cute picture!

In case you need some motivation to attend class as the days are getting shorter and the holidays are bearing down, I thought I’d give you 4 good reasons that ’tis the season’ for yoga!

1) Stress-relief!

Holidays are great, but tiring.   The end of the year often finds each of us pushing our own personal envelope in terms of commitments.   1 or 2 classes of yoga a week will help you let go of the stress that accompanies a busy schedule.

2) Physical detox.

Even if you’re not one for celebrating, everyone else around you is baking cookies and bringing them into work to share!   Yoga will help you process the sugar overload, and better yet, resist the second helping 🙂

3) Extra energy. 

During the winter months, when we all could use a bit more sleep, yoga gives you that extra hour of better-than-sleep movement and breathing.

4) Immunity booster.  

Regular practice has been shown to help us fight off common colds and flu.  Add to that some Vitamin D, probiotics, and Omega 3’s and you may sail through this winter without a single sniffle. Can’t beat that!  (Check with your doc about above supplements) J


Make yoga a priority in this last month of 2012, and everything else will fall into place.   The only public vinyasa class I teach is on Monday nights at 7:15pm at Karma Yoga in Cambridge – here’s my full class schedule.