I’m so excited that 1) I’m offering some workshops again – it’s been since before I was pregnant!   and 2) I’m offering them at Samara Yoga, a new venue for me.

Here’s the deets:

SATURDAY JUNE 30 2:00-4:00PM  


In this extended prenatal class, you will experience all the essential movements of the spine and pelvis in ways that are safe and comfortable for pregnancy. We will explore how our daily and weekly asana practice prepare us to be tenacious, courageous and strong mama bears. This is especially helpful when we are preparing for labor and for the postpartum period. The first half of the practice will be a powerful flow, and then we’ll end with an extended set of restorative postures and breathwork that will help you feel connected to your strength and your baby’s.

This class is appropriate for any pregnant mama, in any trimester.

$20 if preregistered at Samara, $25 day-of


SATURDAY JULY 21 2:00-4:00PM  


Here’s your chance to practice with your partner during this vibrant and dynamic time! We’ll be practicing in tandem some of the asana that we do in a regular prenatal class, as well as exploring ways to support and be supported by our partner. Trust and safety are paramount feelings in pregnancy and birth, and we’ll find these qualities in a playful way with our partner. No yoga experience necessary for either pregnant mama or partner!

This class is appropriate for pregnant mamas, and their partner of choice (spouse, sister, friend, etc.)

$30 if preregistered at Samara, $35 day-of