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Summer Prenatal Workshops


I’m so excited that 1) I’m offering some workshops again – it’s been since before I was pregnant!   and 2) I’m offering them at Samara Yoga, a new venue for me.

Here’s the deets:

SATURDAY JUNE 30 2:00-4:00PM  


In this extended prenatal class, you will experience all the essential movements of the spine and pelvis in ways that are safe and comfortable for pregnancy. We will explore how our daily and weekly asana practice prepare us to be tenacious, courageous and strong mama bears. This is especially helpful when we are preparing for labor and for the postpartum period. The first half of the practice will be a powerful flow, and then we’ll end with an extended set of restorative postures and breathwork that will help you feel connected to your strength and your baby’s.

This class is appropriate for any pregnant mama, in any trimester.

$20 if preregistered at Samara, $25 day-of


SATURDAY JULY 21 2:00-4:00PM  


Here’s your chance to practice with your partner during this vibrant and dynamic time! We’ll be practicing in tandem some of the asana that we do in a regular prenatal class, as well as exploring ways to support and be supported by our partner. Trust and safety are paramount feelings in pregnancy and birth, and we’ll find these qualities in a playful way with our partner. No yoga experience necessary for either pregnant mama or partner!

This class is appropriate for pregnant mamas, and their partner of choice (spouse, sister, friend, etc.)

$30 if preregistered at Samara, $35 day-of

Teacher Training Pictorial


I’m excited to be teaching a Prenatal Yoga teacher training November 5-8!  If you’re a yoga teacher interested in teaching spectacular prenatal classes, I highly recommend taking a specialized training.  It makes such a difference in the quality of classes you can offer all your pregnant students.

At my last teacher training, we were lucky enough to have Erica Magliaro take pictures for us.  Here are some highlights:

Not all the trainees are parents, and you don’t have to have given birth to be a good prenatal teacher.   I taught prenatal yoga for 8 years before I became a mama!  I taught the training while pregnant!


The teachers got several opportunities to observe me teaching pregnant students, and to actively teach prenatal classes.

Teachers who take this training come from all over the US and Canada.  Some are brand new teachers and some have several years of experience.  Some are professionals in the field of maternity/childbirth, while others are interested to learn more.

Because everyone who takes the training is required to have completed a basic yoga teacher training, we are able to work together, in a sacred circle, and learn from each other.  We’ve got an alter in the center of our circle honoring our families and our yoga traditions.

In the training, we do lots of hands-on experiential learning.  We keep the training small so that everyone gets personal attention.

We learn how to turn up the heat in classes, and we learn how to help pregnant women relax deeply.


Best of all, we try to enjoy learning.   This past group was lots of fun!   If you’re interested in signing up, or learning more about the teacher training, check out my website or email me on the contact page.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in 2011!

I’m still getting a page up on my website about the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, so until then, I thought I’d blog about it!

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Barrett Lauck Reinhorn

Saturday March 5 – Tuesday March 8, 2011 in Cambridge, MA.

Exact hours each day will be posted in a few months, but the training is the bulk of each day and some evenings.

The training is designed for yogis who have completed a 200-hr. or greater teacher training, and/or are teaching regularly.    The training covers:

–          Important principles of hatha yoga, particularly as they relate in the childbearing year

–          Key information on the physical, mental and emotional journey of pregnancy

–          Therapeutic applications of the asanas for all the common conditions of pregnancy

–          Observation of Barrett teaching class

–          Practice teaching prenatal yoga

–          Important support services you offer beyond the mat for pregnant women

–          Comprehensive manual with plenty of time and space for notes and discussion

–          Podcasts of prenatal sequences to listen to before, during and after the training

–          Required reading before the start of the training

–          Certificate upon completion for 40 hours of training

The training is $750, with an early registration price of $675 if paid in full by February 5, 2011.   Interested trainees must register no later than one week before the training in order to be sent the reading list, to be completed before the training starts (about 2-3 hours worth of reading).

If you know anyone interested, please send them this information.

If you have other questions, please email me.



Of Interest to Moms

While I’m on a roll with mom resources, here’s some more local events in town, and global events happening online!

1. Monday, March 22 at 7pm.   Mass Midwives Birth Circle at the Cambridge Women’s Center.  “Each meeting will include positive birth stories in all settings as well as additional topics regarding pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Come meet women who treasure their birthing experiences.”  For more information see above Women’s Center link or email

2.   Mothering Magazine – I get a digital subscription and it’s awesome!  No magazines cluttering my house!  I wish more magazines did this – I’d subscribe.    Occasionally, Mothering also offers packets of helpful information, like this Sleep Packet.   The number 1 thing new moms discuss is sleep – their lack of it, and their babies’ ever changing patterns of it.   This packet has a lot of helpful information about sleep during the first year of your baby’s life.

3. A new pamphlet out from Childbirth Connection called Comfort in Labor.    This is a helpful guide to print out and use when you go into labor.  Also,  I highly recommend having a doula if you’re giving birth in a hospital – she’ll help you through all the things this handout mentions, and more!  

4. One of my favorite articles to come out in the last few months on the NYTimes concerns laboring women’s right to eat and drink during labor.  This has been quite exciting, because if you’ve been in labor you know it’s a lot of work and you need *fuel.*   Midwives and doulas have been encouraging moms to snack for years in labor, and hopefully this lifting of the ban on eating and drinking during labor will go by the wayside quickly. 

 I’ll leave you with some cute pictures of our mom and baby class that happens on Friday afternoons.   Happy families!

Babies love to watch their parents move!

Feels good to go upside down!

Keep Moving Forward

This interesting article just came through my email yesterday.   It’s from Patricia Walden, a wonderful teacher here in Cambridge.  My favorite part of the article is the emphasis on just continuing to practice, even when it isn’t apparent that you’re “progressing” or benefitting.

It reminds me of how I’ve felt the last few months as I’ve been running.  During the two 5K races I’ve run, I’ve had several moments where I just keep moving forward.   It doesn’t matter what I look like doing it, it doesn’t matter if I’m going fast or slow, it doesn’t matter if it’s up a hill or down.    I couldn’t believe, both times, that I actually finished the race!   Apparently, even when I didn’t believe it, I was “progressing” – I was moving forward!

I realized reading this article that this has applied to my yoga practice as well.   Over the years, of course I’ve been in a rut at times.   I feel run-down, preoccupied by other things, or just a little un-creative.   But I’ve known, deep down, that the more I can just get the on the mat, and keep practicing, the better it will go.   Sometimes I’ve just sat on my mat.   Sometimes I’ve danced through a yoga practice.   But the commitment has always been there, and so has the evolution. 

As part of the upcoming Yoga Odyssey, my online program that helps you create a daily yoga practice, I’m so excited to commit to taking a class once a week.   In that way, I’ll keep moving forward, because it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a regular class.  

How are you moving forward, in life, and in your practice?   I look forward to hearing about it here, or during the Odyssey (early registration for the Odyssey ends September 10!).

Be well,


Two Great Classes at Black Lotus Yoga


Mom and Baby Yoga – Fridays 1:30 – 2:45pm Starts today!  Taught by Barrett


Sunrise Yoga – Thursdays 6:30-7:45am Starts April 30, taught by Sarah


I’m really excited to be starting my new moms yoga class today at Black Lotus!! This is one of my favorite classes to teach, and one of the most challenging – there’s a lot going on.  I think of the class as controlled chaos 🙂


But, it’s extremely helpful for new moms.   We focus on a mom’s essential needs postpartum:

          to move and breathe in a way that feels invigorating but restful

          to strengthen and tone the physical body postpartum, especially focusing on the pelvic floor and abdomen

          to relax mentally and go with the flow of caring for a newborn

          to enjoy time with your new baby

          to connect with other new moms in a supportive space


We do this by making the babies as comfortable as possible in the beginning of class.   I invite moms to come early, to feed and swaddle their babes and make them content.   Then we get down to business with yoga!   Of course, sometimes babies will need something during the 75 minutes of our class.   We have specific standing, sitting, nursing, and lying down postures to practice with the baby as well, so you can stay in the yoga zone even if your baby needs to be held for a bit.


We also work in stages, so the class is appropriate even if you’re newly postpartum.   When you first begin attending, you’ll work with the most gentle postures, and after several weeks, you’ll move into more intermediate and advanced postures.


Also at Black Lotus, Sarah is offering a Sunrise Yoga class starting April 30!

This 8-week class will help you dedicate time in your life to your yoga practice in two ways: Class will meet every Thursday morning from 6:30-7:45 AM for 8-weeks beginning April 30.  In addition, every other week, Sarah will post a 5-20 minute podcast for you. These podcasts will be mini-yoga classes to help fortify your practice and  give you some material to work with on your own. Pod casts will have the following topics: yoga at your desk; breathing easy; feel the stretch (for flexibility); rinsing out (twisting series). Tuition for the full course is $99. Please call or stop in to Black Lotus to reserve your spot today! 617.899.4775



See you on the mat!





New moms and babies at a recent brunch I hosted at my house

Yin and Yang – Yoga and Running


I’ve never been a runner – it doesn’t come naturally for me. Sometimes I’ve felt bad about this, and felt like my body just wasn’t cut out to have that kind of stamina.  Yoga throughout my teen years and 20’s was a great way for me to feel good about my body and feel “in shape.”  It seems like I have tons of endurance and stamina in yoga, which has been validating. 


But I’ve always wanted to run.   A few years ago, I started running, but I went too fast and an old back injury kicked in.  I’ve had some stops and starts since then, but now that I know soem things to do to stick with it and not feel injured, I’m really committed.


And I just signed up for a 5K race for next month! 


Over the years, I’ve figured out that I do best if I run every other day, and do lots of yoga on the off days.  I’m mostly running on the treadmill so that I can control how fast I run and how long I go, so that I don’t overdo the training and tweak my back.   And if my back gets a little achy, I know what I need to do if my back starts to hurt.   Basically, I do lots of gentle yoga stretches and some good self-massage with tennis balls and foam rollers and Yamuna Body Rolling.  I also love to soak in a hot tub, especially right after a run J


Here is one of my favorite asanas, which I do just a little right after I run and then as part of a long practice the day after:


Lying down hamstring stretch (Supta Padangusthasana), holding in the center as shown, and then going to each side – holding each variation for a LONG time (2 minutes or more)




If you’re interested, I can tell you others 🙂   This is probably my favorite, but there’s so much to choose from! 


Happy spring everyone – I hope we all get outside a lot more this month and take some deep breaths, whether you’re running, walking, biking, or practicing yoga 🙂


Be well, and enjoy your practice,









Odyssey Featured in the DailyCandy

Marketing and promotion are not things I naturally gravitate towards. BUT, I’ve really loved these home Odyssey practices that I started in 2008 and I wanted to spread the word to everyone, not just to my Boston students.  

So with some encouragement from Gadi and Zeenat (ok, A LOT of encouragement), I started passing the word along to students, other yoga teachers, and to the press.   Today the DailyCandy featured the Odyssey – check it out!   As a result of this and other promotional work, I think we’re going to have at least 30 more participants than we have had in the past!  The more people who participate, the richer the discussion and overall experience for everyone.  So, I’m pretty happy about that! 

These days, every time I practice, I’m thinking about that exciting group energy that is building from the Odyssey. I love that about really good classes, too – the energy of the other yogis stimulates your own practice. It’s interesting that even though yoga is a personal experience, and highly individual, having some kind of sangha (community) is REALLY helpful.   I’m going to think about that a bit more…



Back to Practice, Back to Blogging, Back to Life


Though the holidays can be fun, I love love love being back to my life!   We just got back from visiting our families in Buffalo, and I practiced about 30 minutes total of yoga in the past week.   Coupled with about 20 hours of driving, and OUCH!  I was out of sorts.


I pulled up last night, and went directly to teaching two classes back to back.  Then up again early this morning to teach two more.   So when I arrived home this afternoon, I immediately rolled out my yoga mat and had a luscious practice for about an hour.   It set me right, physically and mentally!   I also made a massage appointment for next week, when I know I will really need it (right before the start of the Odyssey).  


I’m loving taking care of myself, and I’m so excited for myself personally to undergo a month of consistent practice, bolstered by the Odyssey.  In my practice, I took it slow, as I’ve promised myself I would.   It’s kind of my resolution during the Odyssey – I think I’ve been trying to cram in a lot of postures into limited time, and it really doesn’t work!   You’d think I’d know this after 10 years of teaching, but sometimes you need to learn the lessons very experientially.   I’ve learned it!   I’m slowing down, even it means I only do half as many postures as I want to.  


Happy New Year everyone!  We’re having a party at our house tomorrow night.   Maybe I’ll be able to convince some attendees to do a group yoga pose, champagne in hand….





Practice for One Month with Us

It’s been a week since I’ve posted because I’m right in the middle of finishing up preparations for the Yoga Odyssey.  This is the month-long home practice program that I’ve run twice now, and I can’t wait for it to start again January 4!  You can sign up here for the Odyssey.

We’re starting to get a critical mass of yogis signed up and ready to practice – very exciting!   I wanted to post because the early registration deadline is December 15.   Register by December 15 for $30.  It’s good to register in advance because you’ll be able to mark your calendar and go through holiday time without this hanging over your head to do.   Also, I’ll send you a preparatory email with tips (including optional book, video, and music selections) on December 16, just to get you thinking about setting up your life for a little more yoga practice.

In the spirit of preparation, here’s a little article I wrote about how to practice at home.   It might help you roll out your mat today, and definitely will help you as you embark on the Odyssey next month.




If you struggle when you try to practice at home, you’re not alone!   Many people are daunted by the prospect of creating a yoga experience without a teacher to lead them.  I have been leading a month-long self practice course several times per year wherein students have explored how to develop their own practice. 


Here are some tips that have come out of those courses:


1) Take a moment to plan the logistics of your practice. 


Sometimes this is the biggest impediment.   Where in your house will you practice?   At what time?   Can you free yourself from distractions, like phones ringing and kids/pets needing attention?   Sometimes students have needed to talk with their family members to make sure they will have some uninterrupted time to devote to their yoga practice.


2) You only need a minimal amount of time.


Often, we sabotage ourselves by thinking we need to find 60-90 minutes to practice yoga, because that’s how long a yoga class is at a studio.   Thankfully, that’s not true! Yoga postures are so potent that you can feel a difference after only about 10 minutes.   Commit to 10 minutes of practice for the next week or two, and notice how much better you feel.  Within a short amount of time, you’ll likely want to practice for a bit longer.   Students have often commented to me that it is easy to find more time when yoga has become part of the daily routine.


3) There are lots of postures to practice.


As for what to practice, draw your inspiration from any number of sources.   Many yoga books have suggested sequences to follow.   Several websites offer free yoga sequences, such as  Consider writing down a practice that your teacher led you through in class, or even ask your teacher to write something out for you to practice at home.  Many of my students simply practice the traditional morning yoga warmup of  Sun Salutations – energizing and easy to remember! 


4) Be kind to yourself. 


In our home practice program, my students have mentioned over and over how much they needed to hear that any little bit helps.   It’s okay if you don’t practice for a day, or even a week!  Life happens – the important thing is not to feel so guilty that you never start again.  And it’s okay if you only practice for 10 minutes and never longer – I bet you still feel better than when you weren’t practicing at all.  Many of us need one space in our lives where we don’t have to be perfect.  We don’t even have to be good.  Yoga can be that space.  Give yourself permission to do nothing but child’s pose for your yoga practice, if that’s what you feel.  Cut yourself some slack if you don’t make it onto your mat – can you just close your eyes for a moment at your desk and take a deep, relaxing breath?   That’s yoga at work for you as well!


Enjoy your practice – Namaste!



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